Having a hard time finding out what your Talent is? That’s OK, we can help. You are the best asset you have and we truly believe every Teacher has a Talent to offer. We suggest using these guiding questions to help you consider and finally identify your strength as a Talent worth freelancing!

  • Do co-workers, friends, or family often tell you that you’re good at something? As teachers we are surrounded by experts in identifying strengths. Sometimes, our fellow coworkers can point out what we’re good at better than we can. They see us excelling at something consistently, where we might not realize how skilled we actually are!
  • What is a skill you find easy to do that others find difficulty in? Do your colleagues, friend, or family always ask you to help with certain projects? This may be an area to consider refining your skills in!
  • What do you love to learn about? What types of books, magazine, movies or shows do you spend your extra time seeking out? There could be a hidden Talent in your expertise of that subject area!
  • Do you often find yourself having conversations about the same topic? This could be because your knowledge and skill set is worth discussing and it could be time to freelance this Talent!
  • What do you spend money on? This is sometimes overlooked as an avenue for finding your talent. We tend to spend extra money on items we care about or love. Maybe these items can be created by you!
  • When and where do you feel most confident? Does this setting involving using a skill that others might need? Let’s use this confidence in a productive manner!


Here are some examples of some Talents we might suggest:

Subj. Tutor – Translator

Child Care – Pet Care

Construction – Mover

Catering – Grocery Asst.

Elder Care – Companion

House Sitter – Landscape







Performance – Lessons

Auto Repair – Chauffeur

Coach – Personal Trainer

Entertainment – Host

Technology – Software

Cosmetologist – Tailor