My Talented Teacher is…

A company built for Teachers by Teachers.

We believe Teachers are entrepreneurs by nature. Skills used in the classroom such as time management, showing responsibility, working with passion, and being highly motivated are also qualities which make every entrepreneur successful.

We know Teachers don’t only teach. Many of them are outstanding individuals who have other Talents outside of the classroom. This is what we are about, giving teachers a space where they can put their other talents to use.

We are a first-to-market solution in creating a space where Teachers can offer services in addition to promoting themselves during the summer months.

Our mission is to connect the community with these Talented Teachers.

There are over 3 million Talented Teachers whose Talent goes beyond the classroom. Become part of our movement…hire a Talented Teacher!


Marco Bravo – Founder

Marco has been a Talented Teacher inside and outside the classroom for the past 12 years. There is only one thing that brings greater joy to Marco than a long bike ride, and that is seeing his fellow Teachers succeed! An entrepreneur himself, he knows many Teachers posses that innate successful entrepreneurial spirit as well. He truly believes that the Talents of a Teacher go far beyond the classroom and knows each Teacher has a little something more to offer to their community.

Claudio Bravo – Talent Supervisor

Lover of good coffee and long bikes rides, Claudio is a Talented 5th Grade Teacher in Tucson, AZ. With his graphic design Talents, Claudio makes My Talented Teacher work for you. He is passionate about finding every Teacher’s potential to use their Talents beyond the classroom. He believes My Talented Teacher is the perfect way showcase all of their strengths.